NGA Human Resources nurturing new talent with their Academy

With the growing skills shortage in the UK – how do businesses overcome these challenges?

With record numbers in employment and ever increasing job vacancies being posted by employers, the UK’s growth prospects are looking good and leaders are optimistic about the future. However, a big challenge to this growth is the huge skills crisis that is impacting all organisations.

The crisis is not just about a skills shortage but a mismatch between the current skills base and the requirements of the role now and in the future. This not only holds back growth but also impacts productivity.

NGA HR is addressing the skills shortage in the technology sector by “growing their own” talent. The NGA HR Academy began two years ago and was initially developed to help find the right people – who were innovative architects – with the right skills in technology.

The Academy started out with only a small number of graduates and trainees, but lacked the structure and supervision of today’s scheme. Now with 13 graduates and trainees, following a structured training and development program with an organised career path from NGA HR Graduate, Trainee, Junior Consultant to Consultant. There are plenty of opportunities available at NGA HR to grow and develop across the business.

George Vaughan co-creator of the NGA HR Academy said “we are so proud of the Academy and can already see the benefits with people like Harry Fish who has now progressed to a Junior Consultant and thriving at NGA HR”

Harry was one of the first inductees of the Academy two years ago. With his first-hand experience as a Graduate he has since helped to develop the training programme into what it is today.


“There are so many opportunities with the Academy and I have had full support to develop my career. It is really down to you as to how far you can progress at NGA HR. I would recommend any student to go for it and apply”.



NGA HR is well aware of the need to attract and retain the right talent and HR professionals need to be creative in the recruitment and development of them. So, along with the graduate Academy, NGA HR develops people through its apprenticeship programs which are also proving to be a success.

 christine-walkerThere is a real difficulty in attracting the right skills in technology and NGA HR runs a blended approach to attracting new people. Creating the Academy has given us a real opportunity to train and develop graduates and trainees in a supportive environment with the opportunity of a structured flexible approach to work within technology in HR and Payroll. This is the corner stone of our strategy” Christine Walker – Head of Talent and Acquisition at NGA HR.

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